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Continuing Chaos: How China’s New Security Law Is Affecting Hong Kong?

Troubles in Hong Kong continue this year too.

Life hasn’t been easy for people in Hong Kong for some time. Last year, the entire city erupted into a huge protest against the extradition bill announced by Beijing. In case you want to brush up a little bit on the story, we had written a short and crisp story about those protests. Click here to read it now!

But if you remember those protests clearly, then you would also know that those protests caused a massive impact on the economy while the coronavirus took the city for another spin this year.

What Happened Now?

Last Friday, China introduced the draft of national security law in Hong Kong in its parliament to tighten Beijing’s control over Hong Kong.

Even though we don’t have many details about the draft resolution, all we know is that this law would make criminal any act of:

  • Secession — breaking away from the country
  • Subversion — undermining the power or authority of the central government
  • Terrorism — using violence or intimidation against people
  • Activities by foreign forces that interfere in Hong Kong

The Aftermath

Protests erupted in Hong Kong. Again.

As per an article by Guardian on Tuesday, thousands of armed police have flooded the streets of Hong Kong and they have fired pepper bullets into crowds as well as detained dozen of protestors.

On the other hand, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Leader, said on Tuesday, as quoted by Reuters, “There is no need for us to worry”.

Why Are People Worried About The Law?

  • This law may allow China to establish its own institutions in Hong Kong responsible for security. So Beijing could introduce its own law enforcement agencies, alongside the city’s own. This has led people to worry that Chinese agents could arbitrarily arrest people for pro-democracy activities.
  • People also believe that this law will impact free speech and their right to protest.
  • Most of the people are also concerned that the judicial system of Hong Kong will become like China’s system.
  • Finally, the law has sparked fears among some businesses in Hong Kong. The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said, as quoted by Financial Times, the law “may jeopardise future prospects for international business” if it undermines Hong Kong’s rule of law.

In conclusion, this new law looks like bad news for Hong Kong but it is not amended yet. We have to wait and see how this pans out for Hong Kong in the future and whether the city will be able to find a way around it.

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