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MF Data Snapshot: Equity, debt schemes record outflows; SIP inflows at ₹7,788 cr

The mutual fund industry overall recorded a net outflow of nearly ₹52,091 crore across all segments in September as the equity mutual funds scheme witnessed a third consecutive month of outflows. Debt and hybrid funds also felt the pressure during the month under review.

The assets under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry stood at ₹26.85 lakh crore in September-end from ₹27.5 lakh crore recorded in August-end.

The growth and equity-oriented schemes registered a net outflow of ₹734.4 crore in September, better than compared to ₹3,999.6 crore outflows a month ago, as per the monthly data by the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI).

The large & mid cap fund witnessed inflows worth ₹621.5 crore during the month while the small cap fund category saw inflows of ₹132.9 crore. Focused funds also garnered positive flows of ₹823.5 crore. However, for the first time in this financial year, the tax-saving Equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS) recorded a net outflow of ₹38.8 crore. Multi cap and Large cap funds continued to register net outflows.

The chart below shows the equity flows of three months i.e., July (₹-2,480.3 crore), August (₹-3,999.6 crore) and September (₹734.4 crore). The equity-oriented mutual funds witnessed net outflows for the third straight month.

The income and debt-oriented schemes also felt the redemption pressure in September as net outflows stood at ₹51,962 crore against ₹3,907.5 crore in August. Liquid fund dragged the scheme overall as it garnered net outflows of ₹65,951.8 crore during the month in focus.

Ultra-short duration funds, Money market funds under the debt schemes category saw substantial outflows. Whereas, Overnight fund, Banking and PSU fund, Short-duration fund registered inflows.

Coming to the Hybrid schemes (mix of equity and debt), the scheme’s outflow in September came at ₹4,219 crore from August’s outflow of ₹4,819.5 crore. The scheme was dragged by redemptions in Balanced Hybrid fund and Arbitrage fund.

After registering the inflows of nearly ₹908 crore in August, Gold exchange-traded funds (ETF) inflows slipped for the second straight month to ₹597 crore in September. Index funds, on the other hand, garnered ₹397.7 crore net inflows in the month against ₹235.6 crore inflows last month.

The chart depicts the total contribution made by systematic investment plans (SIPs) in the last six months. In September 2020, the SIP inflows dipped slightly to ₹7,788.4 crore as compared to ₹7,791 crore in August 2020.

The total number of SIP folios saw a marginal jump to 3.33 crore during the month from 3.30 crore month-on-month (MoM).

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