Time to change again…

Hello and thanks for deciding to read why we have to change our name, logo and brand, above picture pretty sums up my current thoughts though. Day by day it’s getting harder to maintain an open source project for community, adding trademark violations on top of development process, making things nearly impossible. If you’re one of the almost 1 million downloads of mongoclient, you already know we’ve changed our brand, logo and tried to gain a corporate identity with 2.0.0 update, that actually threw us back weeks in development, but we never think to give up at any point of the development process. You can read more about our 2.0.0 version update here.

Since mongoclient has taken a good place in the mongodb management user interfaces, we have been reached by Joe Drumgoole (Director of developer advocacy of MongoDB) and told that we need to change our name like mongochef (3T studio), and robomongo (Robo 3T). He was so kind and luckily gave us enough time to change our brand, logo, name and website. I personally thank him again, we really had a good conversation, and almost everything went perfectly except throwing us back weeks again.

It felt so bad that necessity of changing mongoclient name, don’t you think it’s a great name for a mongodb management user interface? I know what you think, mongo belongs to them and we had to change it in the end, true but has missing points. Back at 2015, I’ve made first pull request to mongodb admin ui page (which currently removed from MongoDB documentation by them), and there were plenty of management interfaces with the name Mongo, MongoDB etc… And mongoclient has taken place in that page at first place, that mostly made mongoclient to gain most of it’s reputation. To me, that’s one of the reasons why it’s being harder to change our name, it had been accepted by MongoDB team, haven’t it? Though, Joe explained us that people are getting confused with all those mongo tools if they belong to MongoDB or not, I can’t actually understand how can a person who have ability to use MongoDB confuse product owners, probably things are getting “how to earn more money” style incorporation in MongoDB.

MongoDB grew with its open source environment and the help of all other tools not just mongoclient. In my opinion it’s not fair to tell people that they have to change their name after almost 2.5–3 years of past, after using those tools and open source environments of all. If that would happen 2,5 years ago I would think completely differently. I know that mongoclient depends on MongoDB, so you can think differently from me but as a main developer of mongoclient I earned 0$ except donations which spent on servers, and we invested almost 2000$ in mongoclient. Though money is not the point here, I never wrote a single semicolon for money in mongoclient, it’s more like a community project rather than something to earn money.

It seems like a new Oracle is coming… You may know that Oracle killed and is still killing all of it’s free environment just to earn more & more & more. Is it bad to be Oracle ? Not at all, but it makes people to develop new Kotlin variations.

We won’t give up on developing Nosqlclient, yes that’s our new name, but sigh… That name came up, because it violates no trademarks, and have possibility to extend mongocilent for other databases in the future, that’s actually all the reasons why we’ve decided to use this name.

We believe that open source is present and the future, we believe and know that people love nosqlclient. For the community, we’ll keep developing & improving as much as we can. I hope people tries to be more helpful and join us on improving nosqlclient instead of making difficulties, contributions are always welcome.

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