I Dare You…

Those three words instill fear in every child’s heart. Only slightly more fearsome is “I double dare you.” And don’t get me started on the fear of a “Double dog dare you”. At that point, there is no way for you to back out while saving any dignity.

We have decided to allow you to relive those 3 terrifying words from you childhood, except there is one important caveat. You are completely safe. Unlike the vicious playground circles or college drinking games, you won’t be the butt of someones terrible joke. Instead, that honor falls on us…

  • You could dare us to drive in reverse for 5 miles
  • Or maybe for someone to ride on the roof of our tiny VW Polo for an hour
  • Perhaps you would rather see us eat the Mongolian delicacy Boodog (google it)

However, we think that you can come up with dares far more interesting then we can.

So if you are interested, here’s how it works. Make a donation here. In the note section, on the last page, include your dare (subject to team approval). Make sure we follow through by following our twitter, instagram, or blog. We will make sure to post pictures and or videos for each dare.

  • Cold Pruf dared us $300 to wear only thermal underware for 2 days in the desert.
  • Emily Whitney dared us $240 to each try a food that we haven’t tried before (and that most of your friends and family back home would be in awe or disgust of).

So if you fancy a bet? Want a good laugh? Then go ahead… dare us to do something stupid… I Dare You!