I’m on a boat.. (UK > France)

I’m on a boat ferry leaving the UK from Dover, England to France somewhere. I’m super tired, but in a good way I think.

We arrived at the launch point in Chichester, England near Goodwood Racing Circuit around 3 pm. Leaving the comforts of warm beds, and home cooked meals to an open field filled with tiny cars and oh so many stickers… We registered our team and pitched our tents, walked around and mingled with the other teams. We met this Israeli team whom seem to have a natural affinity to Josiah. Must be his Texas drawl, or copious amounts of chest hair… which of course was strutted and compared with one of the other Israeli team members.

After a bit more meandering we then headed to the infamous Mongol Rally Launch Party.

A night filled with British, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch accents and beer. A dancing unicorn, a team of Nintendo characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad), a bunch of people in tuxedos, a tiger family and so many more costumes. We decided to wear our ColdPruf Union suits with its complementary “butt flap”. A culmination of crazy people going to Mongolia for different reasons. There was surprisingly a fair amount of diversity at the party… at least in age. Kids that look like they just exited puberty to old, wrinkled car enthusiasts. The party continued into the wee hours of the morning, but we were responsible adults this time and made our exits early mainly because we didn’t have cash for any drinks or food… i feel like I’m back in college

The night was… I guess how any normal night might be sharing a two man tent with Josiah in an unfamiliar place for how ever many hours I slept…. all while having to pee really bad a few hours in..but not wanting to go outside because its raining and cold… yeah… that how it was… maybe the best one word to describe it would be…uncomfortable. But in retrospect it allowed us to get a super early start to the morning having woken up at 6 am when the sun seemed to be no where to be found and “its chucking outside.” To say the least packing a car for a trip to Mongolia in the rain is not fun. But we completed the packing and then lo and behold the sun was shining again… as if God was looking down to see if we were capable of “toughing” it out before sending us off into the abyss…

Anyways.. we arrived at the Launch point and mingled around with all the teams…taking pictures of cars. Seeing where everyone is from. Seeing which route each would take. The Southern (our route) or the Northern (the wimpy route through paved roads of Russia… to thee I secretly point my nose into the air… humph — Eric Ottey style).

So we got to “race” one lap around the circuit of Goodwood before heading off towards Dover. We blasted Born in the USA on full blast as we putted across around the smooth pavement. Then off to the open roads… not really sure what happen next since I fell asleep.. but we ending up at a meet-up with other fellow ralliers after some time for some delicious fish and chips and to do a handstand along the UK coast for the infamous Stephen Wong (see dares). After stuffing our faces and falling on our butts a bunch to get the timing of the camera right…we set off towards Dover, where our ferry awaited us….

But we got lost… We took a wrong exit and some round about and ended up in Ashford…. about 25 min north of Dover…. Josiah was driving.. FYI… but we all were lost. So we asked a parking attendant for directions and set off down the M20 towards Dover and it was smooth sailing up until we got to the ferry.

For some reason unbeknown to anyone, when we were going up the ramp to the upper parking area on the ferry.. .our trunk popped open and all our stuff… almost fell out.. :P Just a tiny baggy fell out because of our superior packing skills. We then proceeded to gather up all our electronics to charge

And that brings us to this point where I sign off….


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