Recover time please…

Door to Hell to Merv, Turkmenistan

The next day… no more than a couple hours of sleep later..mind you, we went to bed around 5 am… its 6–630 am now..

Our campsite

“HEY HELLO HELLO” x a million

We are awaken by the locals.. the crazy peeps that took us up to the crater… I guess they want to drive us back now.. no one wants to move at this point.. but they keep on annoyingly insisting… never ending like the energizer bunny mixed with a broken grandfather clock with its ever so annoying ticking… We drag our feet and pack up our tent and make our our way back down to the car. Over sand dunes and down the evil first hill…

Somehow we pack up the car and start our way back down to Ashgabat towards the Uzbekistan border. Ian at this point has left us and is making his way towards the Kazakhstan border (opposite to where we are going), but we pick up another team, Mind over Matter, two young Brits Will and Ollie and make our way sleepily onwards. Everyone is too tired to drive and Patrick is looking green at this point, so I take on my first drive of the trip having the most sleep out of all of us. I had managed not to drive up until now, because well I don’t really like driving.. and the right hand driving is really confusing… but God was definitely watching over us as we make it somewhat smoothly back to the “banky” and the supermarket. Have a burger and kebab at the mall, recover a bit, then move onwards towards Mary, Turkmenistan..

The rest of the day was just driving. driving. and driving. very uneventful. We ended up find a place to camp at the edge of someones farm. We cooked up a delicious pasta de mushrooms y peas and went to bed. A new adventure would start soon enough… but for now our bodies need some sleep and recovery after the Door to hell.


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