ATTUNEMENT is access to your TRUTH

Are you attuned to your highest levels of self-realization?

Attunement is required to really “know” ones authentic self and highest levels of guidance. We can get quiet to ask ourself what is for our highest good. In a world where there are so many messages that we receive from so many sources, it is critical to turn within to consider how to receive any of them.

A great source to practice attunement is to set intentions and clarify your inner questions, your inner guidance, and your inner barometer for what is truth and what is authentic self-expression. The more you consider the outer suggestion and then dive into your own consciousness to “check-in” on it, the more alignment and attunement you will have access to.

I invite you to take time to practice listening to your inner voice. You have all the inner resources to take care of yourself on your epic life adventure. All that you are presented with is for your growth and healing. How you handle the situations and information is a gift in honor of the work that is available for you to do, to arrive at a deeper understanding and connection to yourself.

A great step in the process is to buy your self a mirror and begin to get to know yourself inside and out. Talking to yourself can be uncomfortable at first, but with loving and tender practice it can open up the windows to your deepest lessons and most profound wisdom.

With love,

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