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🤔 Avalanche is friendly. Oh, why?

Everyone is speaking about Avalanche, so that we will do it too.

What is it?

It is an open-source project that even encourages developers to choose them. It’s made on the Solidity language so that Ethereum developers can feel at home on Avalanche. Also, it is fast and cheap. Recently, they were financed by significant funds for $230M, which is not surprising.

That’s why:

– The network shows that it is sufficiently prepared for a high load and isn’t subject to failure;

– Anyone can run a node and become a validator, even the owner of a not very new computer. It’s cool;

– The fastest chain at the moment in terms of throughput. More than 4500 transactions per second, not bad;

– We already saw low commissions, but Avalanche does not concede in this regard. Pleasantly;

- Avalanche is a well-protected network, and it works on the POS consensus. The security threshold can be as high as 80% when everyone’s favourite Ether has a security threshold of 51%;

– Three networks: c-chain, x-chain, p-chain. This was done not to confuse users but to distribute the load and give more control to application developers.

But what does it matter to us?

More and more new projects are being created, especially in the direction of DeFi. So there are a lot of projects to invest in, and there is something to monitor actively. In addition, they promised to direct $230M to the development of decentralized finance. Therefore, we are continuing to observe (participate maybe).

PS It’s pleased that the project does not position itself as another Ethereum killer. This is an independent, new network, which can lend a shoulder to Ethereum under challenging times during the transition to 2.0. Or not. DYOR!

Dive into the chat and leave your feedback if you use Avalanche or not. Also, follow our TG channel and press hashtag #ApeOrHate to find more cool reviews on cool projects, booooy!

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