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Bitcoin Bible

Bitcoin White Paper is cooler than Bob Dylan and the Bible; Grayscale sets a new record; When the capitalization of BTC will overcome $1 trillion and a little more! Digest, please!

Today, in 1956, FORTRAN, the first modern computer language, was first shared with the coding community. No one back then could have imagined what tech development would lead to and how deep in our lives computers will get integrated. 64 years later, we can’t imagine a day without a gadget connected to the Internet, and hear this: in a few years, very few will be able to imagine their lives without crypto. Let’s not miss a thing and dive right into the daily digest.

Bitcoin White Paper

Best in the world 😎

BitMex Research explored the devastation rate of the so-called BrainWallet depending on the set of words from the selected sources. Bob Dylan and the Bible as a passphrase source are four times less secure than Bitcoin Whitepaper. In some cases, such wallets didn’t even have enough time to get refilled; they get swept as soon as the addresses appear in the mempool.

So what?

You’re walking a thin line here, BitMex gentlemen. Or are you trying to wag the dog? :)

Let’s ask Bitmex to prepare similar research. Our candidates are Eminem, Hayek, Tolkien, and Joanne Rowling.

A record! Again

Money-money-money-money… mo-o-oney

Grayscale’s new report says that in the third quarter of 2020, the inflow of investments into crypto reached a record $1.05 billion, and the total number of assets under Grayscale Investment’s management is $6.3 billion.

In the second quarter, this figure was $905.8 million, and since the beginning of the year, the growth reached $2.4 billion, which is twice as much as the total figure for 2013–2019.

On average, new weekly investments amounted to $80.5 million, of which the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) accounted for $55.3 million, and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust — $15.6 million. Recently, not only BTC but also ETH has grown — the share of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust increased from 15% to 19.4%.

So what?

Grayscale often appears in our news feed; these guys are not f*$king around.

Don’t stop! Tell the people from Grayscale that they are on the right track, MoniTalks approves.

BTC capitalization will exceed $1 trillion

When? How?

A new study by one of the largest investment companies, Fidelity Investments, says that Bitcoin’s capitalization will exceed $1 trillion in case institutional investors get in.

According to analysts, each investor should have about 5% BTC of the portfolio. Over the past five years, Bitcoin has shown outstanding results, and those won, who purchased cryptocurrency during this period.

“If investors view bitcoin as a component of their alternatives bucket, it could be beneficial given the growing interest in alternatives amidst overvalued public equities and low yields and the potential for funds to flow out of fixed income into other asset buckets.”- Fidelity noted.

So what?

Ok, let’s repeat. The coronavirus crisis is terrible and disgusting, but everything is in its place now. At least, COVID showed the things to their place.

5% or 100% is an individual choice, but we are sure that very soon it will be lame to be a nocoiner :)

Waves integrates the Solana Blockchain into Gravity!

Innovation! Integration!

The integration will allow Solana to work with all the associated blockchains, oracle systems, and data services and provide users with a number of benefits.


iPhone prices have fallen by 122 thousand times in 10 years… if you count in BTC.

Meme of the day

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