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🤟 Crosschain for the soul?

Bridges can be different, and you know how they sometimes help. And what if in the future you won’t even realize that you’re using a bridge? Everything will be very user friendly. That’s the dream of many cryptoworld users. And you know what? has taken a step into the future and it is blazing a new trail among crosschain aggregators. Let’s get to know each other better, okay? is a crosschain liquidity aggregator. It will surprise you not only with a variety of networks, but also with a variety of tokens. To start with: how do bridges work? For example, you take your USDT in the Ethereum network and send it to the BSC network. Through the network, of course, you’ve stepped over, but the token is the same. has stepped further than anyone else. You can take any token from the proposed network and swap it for any token in another network.

Right now the bridge is working in beta version, but you can certainly use it. We don’t urge, always DYOR. Our business is to share good projects, let’s see how it goes. Let’s go.

Go to and connect your favorite metamask.

Then you choose the networks and tokens on both sides. Frankly, this feature is the bomb.

The variety of tokens is really huge. Take a look at it by yourself. You click swap and confirm transactions.

This may take 10 minutes, but the site is still in beta version, so it’s within the norm. The interface will show you the path of this bridge, which is also cool.

And bingo! 4 minutes and 56 seconds later, we got our Matic. bridge very well indicates a new trend and direction of development among the bridges segment. You can do a couple of swaps too, maybe the project will appreciate it. And we went to look for new gems.

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