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Moni Talks EP1: Black Swan’s Discontent

— See the vital crypto-market stats here.

— While the SEC has already broken the ice towards the Bitcoin ETF, another good news for crypto is up for the grabs. Trump administration recently nominated Hester Pierce, better known in the community under the nickname “Crypto Mom,” to serve another five-year term as a commissioner at SEC.

— A famous Bitcoin quant and the creator of the popular Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow model, PlanB is looking forward to the Bitcoin ETF. The analyst hinted that approval of the financial instrument could spark an exponential growth of the first cryptocurrency.

— Coinbase has been receiving quite a bit of hate lately, which seems to have culminated with a recent tweet by Nassim Taleb, the famous author of “Black Swan.” “Even their account closing page is messed up,” he said.

— Bitmain’s Beijing office was stormed by an army of security guards, hired by their former executive, Mikri Zhang. “They broke in by brute force and tried to take back the control,” Dovey Wan tweeted today.

— Western Union has reportedly made an offer to buy MoneyGram, another money transfer service provider that has a business partnership with Ripple. What could the WU plans for Ripple be?

— Another reason for the Ripple community to keep an eye out is its co-founder Jed McCaleb receiving $16.3M worth of XRP. Jed is known for selling large chunks of his holdings previously, which can’t be a good sign for the price of the asset.

— Ethereum 2.0 upgrade has been making a lot of fuss with the ETH price rise, and more significantly, the hashrate reaching seven months highs. The update is expected to usher in the Proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

— More celebrities come out saying they support crypto overall and Bitcoin in particular. Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned real-estate and gold investor and author of the non-fiction book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ is the most recent prominent figure to do so.




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