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Moni Talks EP3: The Resurrection of DeFi

— See the vital crypto-market stats here.

— An upcoming book by a former National Advisor, John Bolton, revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump has been “After Bitcoin” for years… Bitcoin doesn’t care.

— Addresses holding small amounts of BTC, ETH & a few more leading cryptocurrencies are soaring. This may be a signal of an incoming wave of retail investors. The market cap of stablecoins is at all-time-highs as well, ready to on-ramp more newcomers than ever before.

— DeFi protocols have been on a roll this week with Compound hyping up on the wave of the Coinbase Pro listing, ConsenSys announcing Ethereum 2.0 staking program, and total value locked in DeFi jumping 28%, closing in on $1.2 billion.

— Scott Minerd, the chief investment officer of New York-based Guggenheim Investments, stated that the U.S. equities might retest their March 23 lows by next month. The selloff could trigger the downward movement of bitcoin. At the same time, the short term price predictions remain controversial.

— Binance continues its expansion, preparing to launch a U.K. trading platform and joining India’s Digital Exchange Committee, IAMAI, to Advance the Country’s Blockchain Industry.





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