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🍭 Solv Protocol is a boy scout! Always ready?

Ding, ding, ding, ding, bro! Our Moni Talks Spaceship is ready to take off from the planet of annoying projects to the planet of Gems. Are you ready?

- Yes, Captain!

Ok. Then strap yourself in, put away all stabbing and cutting objects, and get ready for takeoff. But first, we’ll tell you what planet of Gem we’re going to, okay?

Gem Hunters brought us Solv Protocol. Long story short, it is a platform for minting and trading Financial NFTs. It’s also where you can buy and sell allocations and vestings. But let’s divide our flight into three parts: in the first, we’ll talk about Financial NFTs, and in the second, about the project itself. And in the third about allocations and vestings. Here we go!

Financial NFT

If we generalize and multiply everything, we can say that financial NFTs are the kind of NFTs used in financial scenarios. The end.

Hee hee, okay, we’ll tell you a little more. Financial NFT is all about money: insurance, bonds, tokenized assets, and other stuff. In short, dough, as they sang in one song.

EXAMPLE: is making insurance contracts with Nexus Mutual and selling them as NFTs on Rarible. This is a financial NFT.

So why are DeFi projects using these financial NFTs? It’s simple. ERC-20, the token standard of DeFi-projects, doesn’t have the benefits of ERC-721, the NFT standard. For example, descriptive capability. And ERC-721 doesn’t have the benefits of ERC-20. For example, quantitative capability. So they met, fell in love with each other, and got a baby called Financial NFT.

Let’s make it simpler: NFT projects like DODO are crossing ERC-20 and ERC-721 to make their tokens fungible, accessible and valuable. Such a move increases liquidity, and NFTs start taking over the fields of crowdfunding, index funds, NFT DAOs, and so on.

The guys have a detailed text with a little presentation — if you’re interested in diving into the Financial NFT, do it here.

Solv Protocol

And here comes our handsome Solv Protocol on stage. Attractive, in a suit, with a bouquet. Of course, you’re going to ask — why the f@ck is he even here!

Solv Protocol creates investment contracts and gives the user a platform to buy and sell these financial NFTs without any headache, aka head f@cking.

Solv helps you divide these financial NFTs into parts and then pass them on to others. And this is where we move seamlessly into allocations and vestings…

Allocations and Vestings

Our beloved crypto market can be divided into two parts: confident HODLers and speculators of the moment. Wow, such a great definition! Speculators of the moment… *starts kissing the mirror*.

Oops, let’s leave narcissism. In short, two groups of people. HODLers are those who hold coins to the end. These people are willing to hold crypto from a few months to a few years, or even their whole lives, for their grandchildren. The latter, the speculators of the moment, want to get the dough here and now.

It may seem to you that these groups must hate each other and despise each other on ideological grounds. That’s where our Solv Protocol comes in. The project bridges the gap between the Montagues and the Capulets of crypto. Let’s explain with an example.

The “Sweet Ass” Project announces IDO. Two comrades are involved: Mike, a confident HODLer, and Nick, a speculator of the moment.

Nick goes on the whitelist and gets the tokens, but they contain vesting. That is, Nick will receive his token not immediately to IDO but later, for example, 25% each month.

Nick is indignant and wants the money here and now. So he goes to Solv Protocol and puts his vesting up for sale. This thing is called Solv Vesting Voucher — locked project tokens with vesting. Mike, who is a HODler, buys this Solv Vesting Voucher and continues to hold it.

The profit for both is obvious: the first got money here and now, the second — the opportunity to keep/HODL tokens and earn from them in the future.

Exactly the same scenario works with allocations — they can also be sold on Solv Protocol.


Solv Protocol will be useful for anyone who actively trades, gets into allocations, picks up private rounds, gets into whitelists, and all that. Not only can you buy promising tokens, but you can also sell unnecessary ones — or if you need some money.

Wow, that’s the kind of flight that went out to the planet Solv Protocol. We advise you to browse the website and DYOR it.

The guys have Twitter, Discord and cool articles. And we’re flying away. See you soon!

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