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🔄 Update, Relax, Repeat, Carry on!

The Portfolios’ Battle is over, and it ended very interestingly! Bitcoin updates ATHs, and CitiBank praises it. Digest, Tuesday, Crypto!

Today, in 2006, Sony Playstation 3 went on sale in the USA. Now that we are already enjoying the fifth version of the legendary console, the games are firmly entrenched in the world arena. Not the last place in the development of the industry was played by crypto. It is only gonna spice up further development of gaming. Do not forget to pay attention to the relevant projects, but now it’s time to check out the digest…

⚡️ Bitcoin updated ATH again

ToTheMoon, ToTheMoon, Utz-Utz

Bitcoin started the week again with strong growth and updated the previous local high of $16,500. Less than 20% remained on the way to the historical maximum.

Let us remind that the maximum Bitcoin price was $20,089.00. This indicator was reached on December 17, 2017.

And exactly three years ago, Bitcoin first rose above $8,000.

So what?

Google “Bitcoin Analysis November 17 Forecasts” and start to crack up reading the notes, predicting a “rapid going down” and other sh*t for Bitcoin.

So? It is not necessary to chase the horses, but when the bulls are running — staying away is stupid, to say the least. Maybe let’s have a little run? :)

But really hot news you will find here, subscribe and sing! See you 😉




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