The 11 digital tools I use every week as Head of Product

Pascal Briod
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7 min readJan 11, 2016

You can now read my my follow-up post with 7 additional tools.

It is a thrilling era to develop digital products. There are so many tools available to help us be more efficient in our work, to allow us to quickly test new ideas, to better understand users of our products and to interact with them.

To express my gratitude to the makers of the tools I use the most and to allow others to discover them, I thought I’ll share the list of the eleven tools I use almost on a weekly basis (some much more often) as a Head of Product at Monito.

User research and usability testing + UX

Monito is a start-up on its way to the product-market fit, developing a comparison platform for international money transfer services. Our target users are expatriates, migrants, international students, etc.

As Head of Product, one of my key role is to understand our users and to translate their needs into an easy-to-use and highly valuable product. Here are some of the tools I use to help me doing that.

UserBrain — The easiest way to fix your website’s usability problems

Each week, I receive a 5 to 10 minutes long video from a random user exploring my website, speaking out loud his thoughts as she or he follows the scenario I prepared. This gives me incredibly useful insights on how first-time users understand the value proposition of our product and help me identify bugs or usability issues quickly. Read my interview on the UserBrain’s blog to learn more about how I use their product.

Typeform — Forms. Done awesomely.

They simply know how to do great forms, that are easy to fill out, on desktop, tablets or smartphones. It’s a good tool when it comes to user surveys or market research, but because it is very easy to customize forms, it can also be a way to quickly create stand-alone form-based…

Pascal Briod
Monito Stories

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