A Scary Encounter with Mam Tor

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8 min readMay 17, 2024


We decided to take a little stroll up the mountain to get a whiff of fresh air and enjoy Nature at its best.

Mam Tor is also nicknamed as the infamous Shivering Mountain for its frequent landslides is located near Castleton.

We parked at the foot of the mountain and from there is an approximate 30 minute hike (per way) and back.

The path is pretty easy for all ages but does get a little rocky in some places.

It is also well marked with signs and numbered paths.

However, do look at the map at the carpark before you head off to the top of the mountain as you do not want to take the wrong path.

Just barely a couple of minutes of setting off up the mountain path, we were treated to 360 panoramic views.

For some time there was barely a soul in sight except for some livestock grazing peacefully in the surrounding pastures.

This did give us much time to gather our thoughts and admire the view from above.

However, having lost ourselves to the beauty of mother nature, we literally lost track of time and eventually even our bearings!

The climb to the top was pretty relaxing and fairly easy meandering through woodlands for a distance before opening out.

The summit is pretty much surrounded by flagstones with a tig point at the top. However, this is the part which gets a little tricky as multiple routes take you back. Should you choose the Mam Tor Circular walk, its pretty much the fastest way back.

However for the more adventurous at heart, you may choose to hike on to Loose Hill and the surrounding hills. Those would who do would be rewarded with breathe taking views.

But bear in mind the amount of Sunlight you have left and the depending on where you decided to head to, it might result in a very very long hike which could very possibly end in pitch darkness.

By the time we had arrived at the summit of Mam Tor, it was already 5pm and bear in mind that it only took us 45mins to the summit from the car park.

Therefore, assuming that it would only take us another 45 mins back to the car park, we took our time and even broke out the snack to have a picnic whilst we enjoyed the view as the sun started to set.

What we hadn’t realised was that in actual fact, we were moving further and further away from our starting point and towards another peak!

It seemed that the local sheep were the only ones who knew what we were in for.

The first tell tale sign that things were not going the way it supposed to, was when we still had not arrived back at the car park even though it had already been an hour where as it had only taken us 30 minutes to reach the summit.

That was when we started to doubt if we had even reached the peak. After all, what lay ahead seemed to be increasingly breathe taking compared to what we had just past.

With that in mind, we pushed ahead even though it was already 6.30pm with the sun beginning to set as we thought we would be arriving back at the car park at any minute!

Despite the previous tell tale signs, having been so captivated by the beauty of mother nature, we still pushed ahead.

Although looking back at the incident today, it did take us through some very breathe taking landscape with even some instagrammable ledges, should we had known what lay ahead, we would have probably thought twice.

Given our growing weariness, we opened google maps to take a glance if we were walking in the right direction. However, to our surprise, it reflected that it would take approximately 4 hours to arrive at our starting point.

Thinking it was merely a software/GPS glitch, we pushed on and that was pretty much when things started to go sideways.

The first signs of trail trouble was when we went past a sign post labelled Losehill Pike — Ward’s Piece. This was when it dawned on us that things had started to go very wrong.

By that time, we kind of figured out that it was inevitable that a majority of the remaining journey was going to be under the “blissful” twilight.

Our first instinct was to check the amount of battery left on our mobile phones and a quick check on rations such as snacks and water in preparation for what lay ahead.

As we grappled with our dilemma, I couln’t help but notice a flock of sheep grazing in a distance.

But what really caught our eye was this 1 particular sheep which seemed to be spying at up from a distance with a really smug look on its face.

It was as though it somehow knew it was about to witness an interesting spectacle!

Deciding to go against the little voice inside us, we decided to continue pushing forward. Although the sun was already setting beyond the horizon, we thought, how hard could a 2 hour hike be? Even thought it is it pitch darkness but after all, its a paved road which was fairly flat.

That was till we discovered that although we were only 900m away from the car, it was 900m, on the other side of the mountain! Which required a short trek through a small river and a steep upslope which eventually brought us back to the main path which we had been on in the afternoon.

Although that meant that we were a step closer to the car and at lease on some sort of familiar path, it also meant that we knew how far away the far was from where we were!!!

As we were approximately 4 hours into the 6 hours hike, we started to feel pretty warm even though it was almost 0 degrees celcius with the sun almost totally gone.

Having experienced and been exposed to the early symptoms of hyperthermia previously, as tempted as we were, we decided not to loose any of the outer layers and just focus on getting back to the car.

Under such circumstances, to us, the most important was to keep a positive mind set. It helped being mentally prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

As long as you have essentials such as some biscuits and water, there’s nothing much to fret over knowing that the moon and stars will eventually take you home.

Just before twilight set in, we gingerly treaded through a paddock of fluffy sheep having an evening feast.

Unfortunately, instead of blending into the background, we seemed to have stirred up a crowd the way Beyoncé usually does!

After the eventful hike, we finally made it back to the car at 11pm in pitch darkness and was the only car left in the carpark. At least the only car aside from another car filled with teens celebrating a night of rioting and debauchery.

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