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The Cheeky Cubicles Within The Restaurant

Restaurant : Hao Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ

Close your eyes and be teleported back to the 80’s at Hai Lai Wu Steamboat & BBQ with their vibrant coloured interior and attention grabbing neon signs.

The Vibrantly Decorated Interior

Upon entering, diners are welcomed by the huge cheeky themed lanterns hanging from the ceiling and the mouth watering smokey smell from the BBQ.

The Spread of Meats & Seafood

Today, we were on the edge of gastronomical debauchery as we indulged in a generous spread of seafood ranging from your typical crunchy prawns and fish slices, to even more exotic seafood such as bamboo clams.

Piping Hot Food From The Steamboat

Even their selection of meats was pretty exhaustive.

A Wide Variety To Choose From

This can be enjoyed in the main dining area or within the cosy partitioned cubical with playful neon signs above

Enjoying Freshly Grilled BBQ

Diners have the option of either cooking their meats and seafood in the various aromatic broths or grilling.

The Partially Open Kitchen

Although their selection of mala had a very authentic flavour which instantly made us miss the days we used to visit China, similar to the BBQs in China, it does pack quite a punch in the spiciness department.

The Wide Variety of Meats & Seafood

Road side parking is conveniently located just infant of their shop though it was a little limited.

Freshly Made Meatballs

For those who rather take public transport, the restaurant is within walking distance from Rochor MRT.

The Cosy Interior

All in all it was a fantastic experience, but for those headed down, don’t forget to bring 2 things. A lot of friends and an empty stomach!

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