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Cafe Review : VCR Cafe Galloway

My Original Published Article on Eater : 38 Places To Eat in Kuala Lumpur 2022

Do note that my list is in no particular order. The very first of my 38 is one of my favourite which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. However, it does get pretty crowded hence you might want to go early!

Soft Shell Crab Burger (RM 28)

The soft shell crab was sliced in half and deep fried with a nice crispy texture and looked a little like it was crawling out of the burger. It was rested on a furikake sunny side up which was firm giving the diner the pleasure of bursting the oh-so-tempting yoke.

All the goodness was tucked between fluffy burger buns which held it together with homemade tar tar sauce and onion jam. A very refreshing twist to a classic burger and I absolutely loved how the eggs were so firm with all the ingredients coming together between the sesame buns .

Turkish Style Eggs (RM 25)

Who doesn’t love sizzling hot eggs served on a cast iron pan? The eggs arrived sizzling hot and were garnished with a rich pomodoro sauce with chick peas, thinly sliced chipolata sausages, a dollop of greek yoghurt and complete with a drizzle of pistachio giving the dish its lovely crunch.

The dish was extremely flavourful. But with the juicy sliced sausages, it just made me keep digging my spoon in for more.

It was a lovely brunch paired with aromatic cups of coffee. Who’s up for joining me?

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