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Deciphering The Enigma to A Robust Bottle of Vietnamese Coffee

“Brewed from Robusta beans in the ratio of 2/3 coffee and 1/3 milk” is the secret to kick starting the morning according to the owner of Barxiu Coffee, Chau.

Due to overwhelming response after opened their first outlet in Ho Chi Min in 2020, they decided to open a second in District 1 only to be hit by a global pandemic barely days after, thus evolving into a fully online establishment selling via Facebook and their online website.

Finally, to satisfy his father’s craving for strong Vietnamese Coffee, Chau decided to bring Barxiu Coffee to the shores of Singapore. So strong their coffee is that it even made a live-streamer “coffee drunk” once resulting in a cut short live season, Chau shared with us with a laugh.

Despite the slow uptake by customers due to the 5 steps they had to go through before eventually enjoying their coffee, Chau decided to launch new coffees delivered in beautiful glass bottles to bring joy to customers in a prettily packed coffee which are available in three options. Ca Phe Sua (Vietnamese Coffee with Milk), Bac Xiu (Special Vietnamese White Coffee) and Cold Brew Coffee. Each bottle of coffee is customisable in sweetness.

Today, we were sent 1 bottle of each and Good Morning Sunshine! Each bottle was strong and rich in both aroma and flavour. Our favourite was the Bac Xiu, also known as the Tiramisu Coffee which had a lovely milky and smooth texture. Not too sweet, yet rich in flavour.

Orders can be made directly with them at here!

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