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Restaurant Review : CC by Mel

“Malaysian taste buds are towards fusion and that is where we are coming from, best of both cuisines!” Melanie Pong, the founder and owner of CC by Mel passionately shared with us. Her inspiration origins from her food science background and a love for both Japanese and western cuisines.

A Sweet Conclusion to the meal

Prior to the pandemic, she ran an online florist (Callifloral) and even conducted occasional workshops on flower arrangement. The initial days of the pandemic, saw the demand for floral arrangemets on the decline. She persevered and evolved her business which saw the birth of CalliCafe(CC by Mel).

Refreshing Drinks at CC by Mel

Despite the initial supply chain and manpower difficulties, the cafe grew from an operation of 2 kitchen staff to a fully operational kitchen of 20 kitchen staff today. The growth was encouraged further with the resumption of dine-in which saw a monthly growth of approximately 30% and an increase in brand awareness. “I would say digital marketing plays an important role in every business. Thats the only way to keep the business afloat!” said Melanie.

They currently have plans to open outlets throughout Malaysia with “Grab and Go” kiosks located in malls which would dish out an assortment of sandwiches and tacos and evencasual dining restaurants.

Despite offering a delivery service, Melanie informed us that preparation methods are similar with no compromise on the freshness and quality of ingredients. Even the colourful decorations and beautiful platings are maintained within the take away box!

Trio Taco — RM 68

The Trio Taco consists of their signature three piece nori taco set (Tropica Nori/Gyu Nori or Yu Nori/ Ebi Nori). Unlike your usual taco, the breaded seaweed holds the fresh ingredients within with soy sauce uniquely presented in a scientific looking dropper.

Unagi Donabe — RM 48

The donabe was beautifully presented within a hot clatpot with unami kabayaki and drizzled with aromatic truffle crepe tamago. This was topped with pink floss furikake and ikura, tare giving it a pretty refreshing crunch.

Duck Pancetta olio — RM 40

The Pasta was al dente and laced with tender cubes of house cured and smoked duck with baby spinach, brown butter and a sprinkle of chilli flakes and katsuboshi to finish. There was a nice smokiness to the dish.

Mr. Wagyu — RM138

The Wagyu Oysterblade was one of our favourites of the night which was served with a side of roasted Kailan with a touch of roasted nori powder, porcini dust and rested upon a buttery yuzu beurre blanc marrow puree. The meat was tender with a beautifully webbed marbling delighting the diner with a melt in your mouth experience.

Smoked Salmon — RM 45

The Norwegian Salmon Steak was cooked beautifully with the top slightly charred and seasoned with applewood and roasted onion relish. The salmon was fresh and without a hint of fishiness. This was served with sour cream beurre blanc rested upon a bed of crispy potato rosti finished with a touch of katsuboshi and chives.

Be it an afternoon of fun gossip with the girls or a family dinner, this restaurant brings together fine dining with a splash of casual within its well lit and chic interior tucked away in the sleepy neighbourhood of Bukit Jalil. Ultimately we have learnt that if you dig deep you will find that creative evolution starts from within.

More photos and videos are available in Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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