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Food Delivery Review : Aori Ramen

Ramen for 2 and Pan-Seared Gyozas (RM 65)

A Japanese Inspired Meal by A Korean Star. This Japanese styled ramen shop started with interesting roots originating from the famous Korean Band, Big Bang singer, Seungri. Following its initial launch in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, they have expanded their reach across South East Asia and eventually arriving on the shores of Malaysia a few years back. But how do they fare in a take away service?

I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and arrive in ordinary take away boxes which were labelled individually.

The spicy mala ramen had an authentic flavour to the broth but was a little spicy. The noodles was chewy and the meat was extremely tender almost melting in our mouth. This was accompanied by an egg, crunchy sliced black fungus and a downpour of chives.

The classic shoyu ramen was soaked in a rich clear broth with a similar melt in your mouth meat as the mala with sheets of crispy seaweed.

Last but not least, the gyoza was packed with moist and juicy meat which was flavourful and tender. They were slightly charred in the outside. It was value for money and pretty mouth watering.

More photos and videos are available on Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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