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Food Delivery Review : Burger & Lobster

Its A Fishy Affair. This restaurant requires no introduction. They have evolved from the days with long queues snaking around buildings to online delivery today.

Therefore, unlike my usual reviews where I comment on service and packaging, I will cut to the chase and do a simple comparison between the delivery and dine-in experience. Do excuse the plating as I ordered this during my staycation.

Pre-pandemic days, one would expect to wait about half an hour before actually enjoying their meal. Today, I waited between 30mins — 45 mins for my meal to arrive, however I was within the comforts of my bed.

Original Lobster Roll (SGD 35.31)

When I dined in, the bread was crusty and crunchy emitting a delightable crunch with each bite. Today however, like many other delivery services, the bun was a little soggy. The lobster meat however was still sizeable in portion. The meat was fresh and crunchy without a hint of mushiness.

Placement of the sliced lemon however was not too ideal as the bun in contact with it soaked in part of the juice resulting in an imbalanced flavoured bun.

Recommended? With similar waiting times between the 2, the preference between dining-in and delivery would be an individual preference. One would have to choose between dining within the safety of your home but exposing the food to the evils of a delivery beyond the restaurant’s control, or simply dining-in. For me, either way works! What would you choose?

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