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Food Delivery Review : CC by Mel — Bukit Jalil

dding A Touch of Beauty To The Dining Experience. Located in the little and quiet neighbourhood of Bukit Jalil is a restaurant serving dainty and pretty dishes (although their website states they are currently in the midst of moving. However, how do they fare in a delivery service? I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and arrived in ordinary packaging with nothing much to rave about.

Daisy Duck — Smoked Duck Breast with Orange Pineapple Sauce (RM25)

I quivered with excitement as I peeled the tender smoked duck breast out of its colourful “garden” which was sprinkled with orange and pineapple sauce giving the dish a slight sweet and refreshing citrus taste and accompanied by slices of crunchy eringi mushrooms. It probably was the prettiest duck dished I have ever come across to date.

Truffle Puddle — Cream Truffle Pasta (RM 25)

The creamy pappardelle pasta emitted a lovely strong aroma of truffle and accompanied by tempura mushrooms coated with a crunchy batter and a sprinkle of grated truffles and edible flowers. Although it did arrive with an onsen egg, I burst it accidentally during plating. It was an extremely flavourful and pretty dish.

Despite being put through the potential evils of a delivery box, the meal not only arrived hot and flavourful, it also looked like a pretty botanical gardens.

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