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Food Delivery Review : Dolly Dim Sum

omfort Food For The Soul . A Dim Sum house I am no stranger to which offers an “all-day grazing experience. To date, still still as one of my comfort foods which I go to on a bad day to turn our frown upside down knowing for certain I would not be disappointed.

I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and arrived in pretty ordinary take away boxes.

Fried Chicken Wings (RM 11.29)

Although fried chicken has the most potential to go wrong in the take away box due to the evils of condensation, this restaurant has managed to deliver the wings in an addictive finger-licking manner. They were covered in batter and deep fried to a crispy golden brown yet delightfully juicy within. You have been forewarned, it is ridiculously addictive!

Spicy Szechuan Dumplings (RM 12.72)

The dumplings were firm to the touch yet wrapped with a soft and chewy skin. Sitting within a pool of light soy sauce with a touch of fresh cut chillies and refreshing chives giving the dish a spicy edge. These bite sized delights are sure to satisfy one’s craving.

Panfried Radish Cake (RM 9.96)

The Radish Cakes were slightly charred on the edges and soft and slightly fluffy within with a very smooth texture. The charred edges were to the delight of mine! Although I have ordered from them time and again, some restaurants never fail get old especially when my carvings strike.

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