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Food Delivery Review : D’Tandoor

We Found A Touch of India in Malaysia. With a humble yet rich heritage, this renown North Indian Inspired restaurant has managed to cook their way into our hearts with a flavourful and authentic Indian meal. I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and arrived in pretty standard take-away boxes

Butter Chicken Masala (RM 33.90)

The dish had a delightfully buttery texture with a generous amount of tender chicken soaking up the authentic flavours. Though it was slightly spicy, it added a nice edge to the dish. Both naan were slightly charred along the edges yet fluffy within which complemented the Chicken Masala very well.

Butter Naan (RM 6.50) + Garlic Naan (RM 6.50)

Each variety of naan had a generous amount of butter and garlic respectively emitting an aromatic scent. Each dish went hand in glove making a perfect meal.

Prawn Masala (RM 32.90)

Though the prawns were a little small, they were fresh and crunchy. The capsicums added an additional crunch whilst soaking up the spices from the masala. An extremely flavourful and delectable dish.

Mix Sautéed Veg (RM 19.90)

Though it seems like a simplistic dish of stir fried vegetables, it was seasoned nicely with a drizzle of black pepper coating the crunchy and flavourful greens. Although it may have been a delivery service, it did not feel like one at all given the uncompromising quality of the dishes.

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