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Food Delivery Review : Jatujak Bangkok Street Food

Authentic Thai Food To Satisfy The Occasional Craving. Given that I have dined-in at the actual shop, I decided to try out their delivery service and see how their food would fare when exposed to the potential evils of a delivery service. I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and it arrived in pretty ordinary take away boxes.

Signature Claypot Prawn Glass Noodle (RM 49)

Similar to the likes of the authentic dish one can find in Thailand, the glass noodles was not too dry with crunchy prawns and sliced pork. These were cooked with aromatic spices and herbs with a strong gingery and peppery influence giving the dish a slightly spicy edge. Any more authentic and you would have to fly to Thailand.

Signature Green Curry Chicken (RM 29) & Moo Ping (3pcs) (Rm11)

The green curry was extremely creamy and loaded with tender sliced chicken with a rich coconut broth which could be paired beautifully with white rice or even sticky rice.

Traditionally in Thailand, Moo Ping are cooked over a charcoal giving it a smoky flavour. These today were tender within with a touch of sweet with a delightful amount of juicy fats and a hint of smokiness. It was absolutely mouth watering.

As always, food is best consumed when it is fresh and preferably piping hot. Surprisingly, although the restaurant is quite a distance from us, it arrived hot and was as flavourful and mouthwatering as it was when I dined in.

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