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Food Delivery Review : OmuLab

Hamburg Steak (RM 32.89)

Reliability Is The Inevitable By-product of Simplicity. I am no stranger to this restaurant which is our go-to for simple and value for money meal. I know what to expect every single time I order and I have rarely been disappointed. I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and it was delivered in ordinary take away boxes.

As always, I requested for slightly more sauce (Japanese Curry & BBQ Black Pepper)for plating which they provided in plastic containers separately. Not only were they pleasing to the eye but were absolutely fragrant and addictive. The Japanese curry is a little flowy unlike some which are pretty thick but its a pretty personal preference. In this case, it worked for me. The BBQ Black Pepper however was pretty spicy and peppery. Though I really enjoyed it, I used up a fair bit of tissues too.

This time, I opted for Tomato Japanese Fried Rice. Though it had a nice and smooth texture, there was a wee bit too much tomato hence the rice was a little sour. That said, with the generous amount of sauce, it was balanced off nicely. The Hamburg steak was cook perfectly with a slight tinge of pink on the inside but nicely charred on the edges. Topped with an egg and some vegetables giving the dish some colour.

Although every once in a while I do enjoy surprises, most of the time, I would choose a safer and predictable meal knowing I won’t go hungry over a fancy looking meal that could go very wrong.

More photos and videos are available on Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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