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Food Delivery Review : Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine

When East Meets West On A Plate. Having proven themselves time and again for their steaks, I decided to venture under the sea and explore their seafood offerings. I placed the order via a third party app which was pretty straight forward and arrived in ordinary take away boxes.

Boston Lobster Pasta (RM 152)

The lobster was beautifully de-shelled and filled with crunchy fresh lobster meat. The pasta was aldante with a light drizzle of herbs with a strong alluring aroma of truffle and cooked in a tomato based cream sauce with Japanese clams. Perfect if you do not want to get your hands dirty whilst enjoying an extremely flavourful pasta.

Kimijina Style Cold Capellini (RM64)

A dish served cold with Capellini and topped luxuriously with uni, fresh ikura and a touch of caviar in a slightly salted broth. A perfect rendition of East meets West. It was a refreshing cold dish which will leave diners hungry for more.

Seafood Spicy Soup(RM28)

A spicy clear soup with a slight resemblance to tom yam, bursting with a variety of mushrooms and fresh seafood such as clams and prawns. It makes the best remedy to the cold monsoon weather.

Although they are renown for their steaks, their seafood is definitely worth a mention and just might be a hidden wonder.

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