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Food Delivery Review : Wizards

It was extremely gutsy of this cafe in Kuala Lumpur to attempt a French Toast in a take away service. Almost every French Toast I have tried via the delivery services have either arrived soggy beyond recognition due to condensation, or just turned out to be a box of grease. How did it turn out for this cafe?

Golden French Toast (RM 32.75)

The French Toast arrived in a paper box and some how managed to retain its crunchiness. Accompanied by refreshing fresh fruit, a tub of clotted cream and maple syrup. The chocolate crumbs which were provided were sprinkled over the top which gave it a very interesting sweet twist and additional crunch.

L-Popcorn Chicken Bites (RM 21.20)

Similar to the French Toast, the chicken arrived nice and crunchy. It was a little spicy but a flavourful side dish with a sweet touch to it sprinkled with a downpour of sesame seeds.

Although both dishes were a little pricy it was an absolute heavenly treat and one of the best ways to start the morning.

My full review and more photos can be found on Instagram and YouTube (Monkyseendo)



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