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Hotel Food Delivery Challenge : Hotel Armada Kuala Lumpur

Utara Restaurant — Hainanese Chicken Rice (Steam Chicken)(Rm 22)

Sipping Once, Sipping Twice, Sipping Chicken Soup With Rice. I ordered via a third party app hence it was pretty straight forward and not much to comment on service wise.

Given the price they were charging and the fact that they are not from one of the big hotel groups, we decided to lower our expectations a little when it came to packaging. Hence when it arrived in a plastic bag and in quarantine-like plastic boxes, we were kind of half expecting it.

The secret to Chicken Rice which tends to be overlooked by many lies in the rice. The fragrance should hit you like a speed train going at a hundred miles an hour the moment you open the box. In this case, the rice had a nice texture but a little light on flavour. The chicken was tender and delicious with garnishing aplenty.

Overall, at that price level and given the fact it was pretty fragrant, it could have been better but was still a satisfying meal nonetheless.

More photos and videos can be found on Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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