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Hotel Food Delivery Challenge : Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Char Kuey Teow (RM22)

Who Is Missing Kuey Teow As Much As I Do? Interestingly, I contacted them via WhatsApp to place an order but was told that 24 hours advance notice was required which is common. When I tried to order for the next day, I was told to place the order through the website. Then comes the interesting part which is if you order on food panda, it arrives within 30 mins — 45 mins .

It arrived in a regular looking brown paper bag with a unique looking plastic container which is the only thing that probably tells them apart from your regular food delivery.

The portion was pretty sizeable for the price you pay and sat on top of a banana leaf. The prawns and squids fresh and crunchy and pretty delicious in the Kuey Teow but lacked the wok hei flavour. It would also have been a nice touch if the prawns had been deveined. Last but not least, I loved the fact that it arrived piping hot as though it came straight from the kitchen!

All in all, it was pretty tasty and definitely value for money. Although it could have been better, it was very reasonable.

More photos and videos can be found on Instagram and Youtube(Monk3yseendo)



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