It All Began With An Ima-GIN-ation

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Bar : Tickets Bar Kuala Lumpur

Hidden deep within Bukit Damansara is a cocktail bar, its entrance invisible to most except those who seek a night of theatrics with a creative imagination.

The Frontage of The Bar

Once you find the hidden entrance, you will step into a oriental, dimly lit train carriage and be teleported to another dimension hosted by a vibrant team which was trained by the group from PS150.

The Vibrant Team

The hidden entrance does require some searching. Heads up! Guests have even resorted to desperate measures such as ransacking the ticketing booth to even trying a hand at being a train conductor by punching every single ticket. But your perseverance will pay off!

The Cosy “Carriage”

Each concept was inspired from the co-founder’s frequent overseas trips. The bar however was named Tickets with intention to act as a gateway to another realm. Each theme is refreshed about every 9 months to encourage regulars to revisit (as though they even need encouragement).

The Well Stocked Bar

We were whispered that it coincides to the amount of time required by a mother to bear a child. Each creative drink is usually inspired by a bar classic but refined through 6–8 hours of curation and distillation till the final concoction is produced.

Drinks We Tried

Before Sunrise

Don’t mistaken this drink for an ice kachang though it does look like one in some ways. But it was really refreshing with a refreshing sweetness from the mango distillate gin and cinnamon honey and a tinge of sour twist from the lemon juice.

This was served topped with a mango slice further enhancing the flavours as we nibbled away.

Moon River

Talk about bitter sweet. Although on first impressions we did raise a few eyebrows at the chocolate, it did go surprisingly well and also gave the drink a very milky and smooth texture.

It did give a slight mocha after taste especially with the touches of peppermint-infused gin.

Smoke On Water

Looking for some theatrics with a touch of smoking cool? This is definitely the drink for you. Topped with a bubble filled with smoke, diners not only get the pleasure of poking the bubble, but also are treated a front row seat to what seems like phantom of the opera.

Smoke On Water

Not only did it look really cool, it gave the drink a touch of smokiness.


This brought back many fond memories of our favourite childhood drink, gunner. Delighting us with the perfect balance of sweet with a touch of sour.

Don’t Forget To Get Your “Tickets” Stamped!

Almost as though it’s sour plum although it was actually campari and lavender. If you can, look closely at the bar tenders as they “stamp” their ticket into the ice cube.

Food We Tried

Triple Cooked Fries RM 22

Food found its way to our tummies as it was prepared by the neighbouring Maillard Grill and served bar side. The triple cooked fries were dangerously addictive! Extremely crispy and served piping hot.

Tri Coloured Corn RM 19

After the herb butter melted over the corn, we mixed up the smooth buttery dish and savoured each crunch.

Aubergine Croquettes RM 26

A very creamy interior with the occasional stringy cheese oozing out with its batter fried to a crispy golden brown

Be it date night or simply a night amongst friends, this speak easy bar has made it to the top of our list!

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