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Its A Flaming Hot Easter Egg

4 Course Easter Special (SGD 150++ per person)

Koma is a unique restaurant is situated in the heart of Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

I marvelled at the decorations as I passed through the line of torii gates that guides each diner into a brightly lit bar area with a tower consisting of alcohol bottles with a huge bell hanging overhead with faces on all sides keeping an eye on every diner.

As I walked into the main dining room, huge oriental lanterns hung from the ceiling as I took my seat at the table.

The first course consisted of freshly sliced yellowtail soaked in cilantro soy topped with a slice of chili. This was accompanied with a crispy pillow filled with roasted Jalapeño and smoked avocado rested on a bed of seeds.

Don’t drop the pillow like I did or your salmon will be covered in seeds! Last but not least was an egg hatching a little chick which peeked out at me.

Next up I had an assortment of fresh bite sized nigiri sushi which I enjoyed with crunchy slices of ginger and spicy wasabi.

This was followed with a juicy and succulent lamb chop with 1 side covered in pistachio nuts giving it a delightful crunch with each bite with a slightly salty and sweet touch to it from the miso based sauce.

Last but not least was the Giant Bell to end the meal which I was waiting with quivering anticipation given the photos I had seen on their posters. Turns out, a huge chocolate egg with the unique faces which I saw earlier over their bar crafted into the egg. This was then set ablaze table side like a modified version of a bombe alaska. Interestingly the flaming hot egg not only provides an intriguing effect for onlookers but also mets away to reveal yet another egg within filled with vanilla gelato and hazelnuts which sat atop a almond crunchy rice biscuit. Don’t forget to dig deep within the middle before you get too full as that’s where the yummy burnt alcohol lies. It made a theatrical, sweet and chewy finish to the meal.

More photos and videos are available on Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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