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It’s Brunch Time In An Alley

ituated in the heart of downtown Singapore, this little dainty establishment seems a cross breed between a cafe and a pub.

It offers a fair amount of indoor and outdoor dining with a refreshingly green interior after you head through a little alley spotted with plants, and a bar top with washed wine glasses hanging overhead.

Cafe : Grain Alley

Smoked Salmon Croissant (SGD 11)

Contained within a flaky and crusty croissant was thinly sliced smoked salmon with a smooth and buttery sous-vide scrambled egg. These were served with fresh. Our favourite was the crisp and satisfying crunch accompanying each bite.

Crazy Croque Monsieur (SGD 15)

Nothing is more satisfying than to be served a stack of toasted brioche with slices of prosciutto ham and torched cheddar separating each level, with a bulls eye seated comfortably at the top with a sprinkle of ground pepper.

We had the luxury of gently slicing the bulls eye, releasing the runny yolk as it dripped down the uneven levels forming a little pond at the base. This was served with juicy cherry tomatoes and crunchy coral lettuce.

Armed with menus dressed to look like the daily news and scrumptious brunches to fill one’s tummy, it makes a good chill out location with the mates.

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