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Restaurant Food Delivery Challenge : Château Dionne

Father’s Day Set(RM 298)

A French Spread Within The Comforts of Home. Originating from Shanghai but cuisine of French, Chef Andy Choy delivers to diners in confidence. I placed the order via WhatsApp with a friendly and informative good customer service who patiently heard me out and gave recommendations.

Packaging from Château Dionne

The individual boxes were placed along with the menu and receipt snug in a carrier box with a personalised sticker giving a sense of branding.

Father’s Day Set

I could hardly contain my excitement as I unboxed the package whilst being teased by the aroma of truffle. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food coming out of the box. It felt like Doraemon emptying his bag.

Rougie Foie Gras Terrine

The baguette emitted a delightful crusty crunch as I broke into it with a generous portion of truffle butter. The Rougie Foie Gras Terrine had a very smooth texture and a rich flavour of Foie Gras. Though the escargots were slightly overcooked, probably a result of the car ride, they were nicely seasoned with garlic herb butter

Roasted Chicken

The succulent roasted chicken was nicely garnished with fragrant herbs, a hint of truffle oil and was oozing with jus as I took bite after bite. Despite having kept it in the fridge for a second seating, it was still juicy when reheated. The Paella Dionne had a generous amount of seafood and the rice with a soft texture coated with a lovely tomato base & saffron

Dessert Platter

Completing the meal was a platter of meticulously handmade desserts. Aesthetically, much love went into the details which reflected in flavour. I feel the price was reasonable given the quality and spread I had.
Though it was seemingly simple at a glance, much love and though has gone into the creation of what seems like a master piece.

More photos and videos can be found on Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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