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Restaurant Food Delivery Challenge : Dewakan

Siglap Laksa (RM 40), Beef Tripe Masak Cili Api (100g) (RM 15), Wild Tiger Prawns (100g) (RM 40)

A gastronomical adventure like no other. When I contacted them via whatsapp, I was greeted by a playful customer service who made detailed recommendations with personal preferences and had me sorted out fairly quickly.

The food arrived in an ordinary looking paper bag containing paper boxes.

“Siglap Laksa?” with a raised eyebrow, was my initial reaction to Dewakan’s social media post. Having come from Singapore, I grew up knowing the likes of Katong Laksa. But Siglap Laksa is definitely a first for me. Consisting of Laksa Rice Noodles, Ikan Parang, Kesum, Beans Sprouts and Cucumbers in a fish based soup with fresh sambal.

Upon completing the plating of the dish, it did seem like the start to an action packed blockbuster movie with much to take it but not knowing what to expect. The huge tiger prawn rested upon a thick fish based broth was first to catch my attention. The delightful crunch as I bit into its fleshy meat and the fact it was beautifully devined was the opening act of the entire performance. The Ikan Parang was fresh without a hint of fishiness. The refreshing cucumbers blended with the aromatic laksa leaves and sprouts gave the dish a refreshing edge which also helps with the flames from the sambal. More obvious than not is the udon-like noodles which was a little chewy unlike your usual Laksa rice noodles which is thin and slightly firm in texture.

Mix everything together and watch the magic unfold like a well rehearsed act. With a little of everything on the dish cramped together on my spoon was an adventure on it’s own as it entered my mouth. The fish broth coming together with the fragrant Laksa leaves and fresh seafood was an experience like no other. It truly was a gastronomical eye opener.

Though I may have never heard of Siglap Laksa, it has definitely left a lasting impression on me.

More photos and videos are available on Instagram and Youtube (Monk3yseendo)



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