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Food Delivery Review : Grand Harbour Restaurant and Banquet

Dim Sum at Grand Harbour Restaurant & Banquet

Across Asia, dim Sum has always been a crowd pleaser. But this restaurant situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has taken it further with cute and adorable Dim Sum.

Steamed Piggy Buns with Lotus Seed (RM 9.33) and BBQ Pork Paus (RM 8.80)

The steamed piggy buns looked adorable as ever. They were dressed to melt the hardest of hearts. Then skin of the bun was firm and yet soft within and the lotus seed paste not overly sweet.

The Paus were flavourful but a little stingy on the fillings. The skin was nice and firm too.

Malaysian Style Steamed Sponge Cake(RM 10.39)

The Malaysian Style Steamed Sponge Cake was absolutely flavourful. It was a little overwhelming as it made me pretty full. Although it arrived slightly soggy at the base due to condensation in the container, but was fluffy and flavourful none the less.

Although I did not order much, it was still a pretty filling but more importantly, an adorable meal.

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