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Restaurant Review : Kafe Utu

A Cool Refreshing Mango Mocktail At Kafe Utu

Discover Africa in this nice homely cafe tucked away in the heart of Singapore. Although parking might be a little tricky on the weekends.

Nigerian Fiery Peppered Pork Stew

A very feisty dish which reminds us of a woman’s wrath. After two mouthfuls, our entire mouth was ablaze. Consists of black Angus pork belly, charred peppers, habanero and smoked fish accompanied by coconut rice and a mango salsa. Despite being capable of turning our mouths into a flame thrower, it was actually quite refreshing and the mango salsa was an absolute life saver as it does take the edge off some of the heat.

Recommended? If you like spicy food, sure why not. If not, you might want to try something else

Curried Avocado with Raw Garlic Toast

A pretty colourful dish consisting of fresh avocados, aromatic red curry paste, raw garlic nicely rested on sourdough toast and sprinkled with cassava chips, and garden fresh arugula. To be honest, at this point we could not taste much due to the heat raging from the forest fire in our mouth caused by the stew. But it did a great job in taking away some of the heat and had a refreshing touch to it.

Recommended? Sure why not?

A cosy cafe to gossip with the girls on the weekend which serves up African dishes with a spin. Whats to hate?

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