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Restaurant Review : Ruma Puteh

East Meets West Under The Sun Amongst Lush Greenery. Cafes in Australia with alfresco dining amongst friends on a lazy weekend enjoying the warm sunlight with an aromatic cup of hot coffee seems nothing but a distant memory.

However, this cafe situated in the heart of the city offers to add a touch of colour to your meal and serves a mix of western and local delights. Diners have the option to enjoy a meal out in the open with the breeze in your hair and sun on your back.

Alternatively you could choose to dine in their extremely colourful and fully air-con indoor dining area among a jungle of lush greenery. However it does get crowded during meal times hence reservations are recommended.

Egg Benedict (RM 18.90)

Farm fresh eggs rested on potato bread poached beautifully giving the delighted diner a chance to slice through the eggs spilling their flowey yoke within and topped with hollandaise sauce, a juicy slice of bacon and herbs. When eaten fresh, it emits a delightful crunch with a touch of sweet.

Nasi Kerabu (RM26.90)

The blue pea rice had little bits of coconut amongst it but was aromatic. It was served with a juicy chicken coated in a generous amount of rendang and crispy fish skin, egg and beansprouts. The dish was pretty authentic with our favourite being the chicken.

The food did take a while to arrive and the quality versus other cafes is pretty decent. But packaged with the ambiance and view, it is worth a visit.

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