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Tech Review : Montblanc Summit Lite

Montblanc Summit Lite

Shopping for Labels, shopping for Love. With the latest rush by the fashion houses to break into the smart wearables scene comes MontBlanc with their latest smart watch aimed at the health conscious and active fashionista launched earlier this year. But how do they fare against sports giants such as Suunto and tech giants such as Samsung who are no stranger to this arena? Unlike most tech reviews , this is for the layman without much knowledge on Technology hence less focus on technical and more on daily use.

Montblanc Summit Lite

If it were a fashion show, similar to the likes of the Tag Heuer Connected, they would win hands down especially in a boardroom or office setting on a wrist of a working executive. It looks smart, sleek and would peek out of a blazer sleeve instead of scream for attention. The comfortable branded band is easily interchangeable and can be purchased from Montblanc. I experimented swapping in the leather strap from the Samsung Galaxy Watch which fitted beautifully.

Like the Tag Heuer, the battery life seems to be the make or break. Struggling to stay alive on a full charge even without running much applications. I took it off the charger with full charge at 11am and by 6pm the watch was at 30% where as the Suunto was still at 95%. This was despite the Summit running no apps but the Suunto doing 2 work outs, approximately 30 minutes each, both with GPS!

Sleep Tracking Comparison

Sleep tracking, the Summit was approximately 10 minutes apart from both the Samsung Galaxy and the Suunto. However, the Suunto does tell you a lot more information about your sleep, graphs included which are stored on their own dedicated app unlike the Summit which relies heavily on Wear OS.

Step Count Comparison

Step count, interestingly, at the end of the day, Suunto registered 4,864 steps whereas the Summit registered 1,971. I am more inclined to believe Suunto as our average number of steps per day registered on various devices have constantly been in that range.

Therefore, sports aside, just on a daily basis, despite looking better in an office setting, the Summit struggles with the battery life and provides a questionable step count. But, it does give a fairly accurate sleep tracking and message notification.

The Suunto At Home In The Wilderness

After completing the fashion catwalk, I decided to take the Summit into the great outdoors to see how it would fare both visually and practically on a 8km hike. Along for this test I brought a Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Red Bull X-Alps Limited Edition with me which has followed our little monk3y across continents and literally to the very end of the Earth at the tip of Alaska and back. So how did they both fare?

The Summit In The Wilderness

Outdoors, home to Suunto being born out of the wilderness with adrenaline coursing through its veins is where it really shines. On the other hand, the Summit does not look nor feel comfortable with itself at all. I hit start on both at the same time. Within seconds, Suunto was off to a flying start measuring an array of things like temperature, pace, heart rate, distance, calories, literally all sorts of things with a bread crumb trail to bring us home with a “track back” function. The Summit however, crashed on the spot! All I got out of it was “Google Play Services Error”. I did reset the watch a couple of times and after almost falling down a hill, I gave up. And despite not working at all, it ended the hike with a battery life lower than that of Suunto.

In conclusion, similar to the likes of Rolex and Omega, yes they manufacture diving watches, but would you take a watch that expensive Scuba diving and risk getting it dinged and nicked. Or, would you settle for a brand which was born from the depths of the sea and jam packed with technology to make sure you make it back in one piece.

So if you wont bring a Rolex or Omega diving, why would you bring a Montblanc hiking? And if you are the sort that does, all I can say is, you are probably not one to make time. Instead, you’re one to make a statement.

More photos and videos can be found on Instagram and YouTube (Monk3yseendo)



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