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Tech Review : Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This review is long overdue given that we have fiddled with the watch for about 9 months now and we are still using it. That kind of speaks for itself unlike the Apple Watch which we set aside after a couple of weeks. We won’t bore everyone with technical details hence decided to write something for the ordinary gents and ladies considering to purchase.

First off, the rotating bezel. It is an all time favourite that gives you flexibility to rotate through the various watch faces and gives the user that Swiss made watch feel. The watch only has one other colour option which is Mystic Bronze. Unlike the iWatch which pretty much comes in the colours of the rainbow. The screen was bright and crisp under the sun. It also has a cool function called water lock for swimmers which locks the screen from accidental touches and ejects water after the swim.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with The Galaxy Fold 2

Fitness wise, for the daily user it will suffice. 40 activities with 7 which are automatically tracked. Of course, it is no where near the likes of sports giants such as Suunto or Garmin, both accuracy and activities wise. But people who use those brands, likely use them for specific sporting reasons. Like the iWatch, the Samsung also has the ECG and Blood Pressure Monitoring. Battery wise was shy of 2 days and takes approximately 2 hours to charge.

Overall, the interface is smooth and doesn’t require a degree in Electrical Engineering to operate. Apps were aplenty and easy to set up. Simple and classy. But straps availability from Samsung is limited unlike Apple. Samsung tends to go for the business look where as Apple seems to lean towards chic and playful. We did try to use it with an iPhone which is not entirely impossible but was very very restrictive functionality wise.

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