Seeking Tranquility Within An Urban Jungle

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2 min readMar 25


The Dimly Lit Stairway Leading To The Frontage of The Restaurant

Restaurant : Tamarind Hill Kuala Lumpur

In our quest to seek a tranquil sanctuary within a cosmopolitan city like Kuala Lumpur, we discovered a luxurious restaurant perched at the top of a hill. Diners are guided by romantic candles up a winding staircase leading to the restaurant.

Once through the wooden doors, diners are transported to another dimention surrounded by lush greenery and filled with the aromatic scent of authentic Thai dishes.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Diners have the option to dine within the comforts of dining within an air conditioned and dimly lit dining room or within their private outdoor pagoda.

Thai Curry

However, should you opt for the outdoor experience, be prepared for for the occasional insect or two.

Batter Fried Chicken

Today we opted for the more comfortable and cooling indoor dining experience.

Lightly Curried Shrimp

We were treated to a spread of Thai delicacies which tickled our palate and charmed us deep into the evening.

A Refreshing Drink

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