Soaking In The City Sky Line

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Restaurant : Japas by Jeff Ramsey

Fancy a Japanese Tapas prepared by a Tokyo Michelin-starred chef whilst you soak in the Kuala Lumpur skyline against the setting sun?

Sashimi of the Day (RM 200)

Served upon the summit of a mountain of crushed ice is a melody of fresh sashimi. At a glance the price does seem a little steep. However, once you have experienced its freshness, all is forgiven.

Torched Shimesaba (RM 52)

As always, any dish served with a fiery touch will always be a crowd pleaser. In this case the Shimesaba was torched table-side and seasoned with a touch of Nanami Yakumi and Umami Shoyu with a dash of lemon giving it a nice zest.

Smoked Inure Tartlette (RM 29)

Served within a smokey dome and rested upon a bed of creamy Fromage Blanc with a touch of Yuzu, this bite sized appetiser melts like an ice cream in one’s mouth with the biscuit giving the dish a delightful crunch.

Grilled Pulpo al Ajillo (RM 75)

Who doen’t love a charcoal BBQ table side? Cook it to your your liking as it slowly sizzles to your preferred doneness before your very eyes. Sprinkled lightly with Spanish Smoked Paprika, Aioli & Lemon.

Japanese A5 Wagyu Top Round Steak (RM 115)

A5 Kagoshima Beef cooked to perfection, a rosey pink and served with a simple presentation on a plate with Assorted Yakumi which melted like an ice cube in our mouths.

A Japanese Tapas hangout with a phenomenal view of the skyline at sunset, what’s not to love?

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