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Speak Easy Bar Review: The Deceased

The eerie vibes at the bar

My Original Published Article on Eater : 38 Places To Eat in Kuala Lumpur 2022

Drinks served with worms and even a funeral bell!

Do note that my list is in no particular order. Dearly departed, we are gathered here today to embark you on a night of macabre memories with strong potions concocted by bar tenders setting the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable night of rioting drunkenness and debauchery with your mates!

The eerie room at the bar

Third on my list of 38 is a speak easy bar tucked within the depths of the dimly lit streets of Chinatown emitting an extremely eerie yet cheeky vibe.

The eerie vibes at the alfresco area of the bar

Locating the bar requires some detective work as it does not have a sign pointing you in the right direction. The entrance is simply a non-conspicuous blue door located beside mingle cafe requiring a secret password granting you entry into the beyond.

The door man at the bar

Once you get past the “door man” at the bottom of the steps, proceed up and through the dimly lit interior which shares an uncanny resemblance to a Chinese funeral parlour with even a Chinese medicinal drawer taking center stage.

The bar area complete with a medicine chest and funeral lantern

For those with a feint heart, fear not! The up-beat music and friendly wait staff are never far to help diminish any fears.

Your “friends” at the bar

The eerie vibes do not stop at the decor, most drinks and even the food arrive with a pretty interesting plating and decor.

Drinks served as an offfering complete with joss sticks

Most cocktails hold memorable names with pretty unorthodox ingredients with some even arriving with worms!

Eerie themed food

Don’t forget to try their signature drinks, Petty Person Beating (RM 45), I Come On Your Grave (RM45) and their extremely crunchy Fire Nachos (RM21).

Who doesn’t love celebrating Halloween on a daily basis?

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