Cricket Songs found her

A library book, checked out by TG’s Train of Thought and due on Feb 20, 1971 was finally returned to the Dayton Public Library on Saturday, April 22, 2017. It was 16,863 days late. Theresa paid the fine of $337.26, which was ultimately donated to the library.

But here is the kicker, folks; she doesn’t like haiku and never read the book! Now, with the book nestled safely on a library shelf, she never will.

That was so wrong. I could not let this travesty of lit-a-cide go down this way. So, I ordered a copy of the book and recorded each haiku.

Theresa, if you find yourself on a redeye flight, stuffed between a dog with a pink bow tie and a rather large man who insists on stealing the armrest, order two glasses of wine. Gulp the first, plug in your headphones and sip the second as the timbre of my voice transports you closer to nature.

A shoutout to Amelia Robinson of DaytonDotCom for finding this wayward petty criminal and bringing her to justice. She has made restitution and will now serve out her sentence audio reading the book she has strategically avoided for so many years. You can run, Theresa, but you cannot hide from haiku.

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