Do the small stuff

I was invited to a local meeting yesterday to share my ACA Replacement framework I tapped out one day as a Medium story. There were about 20 of us in a small living room and as I spoke, I saw the faces of ordinary citizens a bit overwhelmed by the big task ahead; how to move an unmovable Congress to do the right thing by its citizens.

The vibe was like what I feel when I find myself in the cereal aisle at a Kroger store. When I turn into the aisle, I am confident of my needs and wants, but when I start scanning the shelves, I fall into self-doubt, overwhelmed by the dizzying array of choices. Sometimes I just give up and decide to go without rather than make a choice I really don’t want.

“What do we do?” was the anxious question of the night. “How do we combat this overwhelming flood of idiocy coming from Washington that is affecting the quality of our lives?” “How do we fight back?”

I don’t have the answer for the larger questions, but my advice is:

Do the small things.

Here are some small things I did this weekend:

  • I attended a local political meeting and spoke my soul.
  • I wrote an impassioned character letter for a dear friend.
  • I encouraged a newer friend to stay politically active, to stay centered and focused on the local scene.
  • I hugged an old friend tightly, a friend I had not seen in fifteen years.
  • I convinced someone to do something fun and crazy with me. I watched her be giddy and it fed my soul.
  • I rode in a Tesla for the first time (do this, really, if you can, do it.)
  • I took some photos and posted them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • I shared a secret with a friend.
  • I wished a friend a happy birthday.
  • I listened to people who didn’t feel like anyone was listening to them.
  • I called my Congressman. Again.
  • I walked my dogs in the park.
  • I wrote this story on Medium.
  • I fell in love with someone’s art.
  • I gave a few copies of my book, Dear Hillary, to people who will push it forward another yard.
  • I introduced two people who, together, will make an exponential difference in each others’ lives.
  • I ate some Peeps Oreo cookies on a dare.
  • I made a few new friends.

Do the small stuff. Do them tenaciously. Do them with purpose and in the present. Do them patiently. Do them with kindness and love.

Big things are done one moment, one action at a time. If you are tenacious, if you don’t quit, people will notice and suddenly what you are doing will become a big deal.