Kanye West Ripped Me Off
Wil Wheaton

Dude, Wil Wheaton … when you lay out a loaded typewriter in a Medium post, you know damn sure someone is gonna have to use it by the end of the story.

“I think it probably sounds good when it’s clacking out of a mechanical typewriter…”

So naturally I had to try it to see if it did indeed sound good clacking out of a manual typewriter… I was not listening to Yeezy… I don’t even know what a Yeezy is, but my dog is probably licking one right now.. dogs do that… Heart, comment, do nothing, I don’t care. It’s not about you. It’s about Kanye… and Wil…. and me… mostly about me.

If you didn’t stick around for the credits at the end, like the lazy putz you are (not you, Wil, the rest of the folks here… well, not all of them, most of them… c’mon, seriously… you ain’t fooling anyone) here they are. Maybe there’s a typo in them, maybe not… again, not about you…

Hey Kanye,

There is no purpose behind this stupid little video response to Wil Weaton’s little ditty on the Medium where he claimed you, Kanye West, ripped him off. Sure, I know this title thing is a Star Wars bit and he was a bit on Star Trek; The Next Generation but if he has gotton through watching this video and stays around for the credits, he would get it and think it is kinda funny… right? AF Anyway, I need to thank my daughter, Melissa who has all but given up on my insanity. I think she does these things to ensure a deep evidence pool at my commitment hearing… look what he does, your honor, the man is clearly insane. I hope you enjoyed this thing and will loop it like a million times… I can’t wait to spend the exposures. And Jules major CTSFing, yes? Chuffed, ain’t ya?

Thanks Melissa McLean for putting up with my crazy.