cover photo: Fábio Miguel Roque. Portugal.

MONØkult Feature: Quite old, but unforgotten

Two years ago, I made an open call for a group photo zine

In the last quarter of 2017, I organized MONØMANIA: A Black & White Photography Fair, which the first of its kind in Manila and Asia. Apart from celebrating monochrome love, it was also my way of saying goodbye to the little community I helped built as I ventured on a new life chapter here in Tokyo.

For the following months after that, I struggled very hard to continue producing content for MONØMANIA. I never ran out of ideas, but the execution became more difficult, especially the means to do it.

One of my ideas was to continue producing group photo zines, which was something I’ve always loved doing. In the first quarter of 2018, I went on with an open call and, fortunately, many people submitted.

However, due to several reasons, I wasn’t able to do pursue it.

Financially, I couldn’t support my creative endeavors because everything in Japan — even photocopying — compared to the Philippines is expensive.

Physically and psychologically, I was horrible at balancing study-work-love-family-etc., and it became more and more impossible for me to continue personal projects, not to mention curating works of other people.

I also attempted to relaunch MONØMANIA’s website last year, but it’s only this year that I am finally getting around to finish writing interviews and producing more content. There is so many I would like to share!

But: first things first.

I revisited MONØMANIA’s old emails and decided to publish the submissions from the previous open call. The pictures are just too precious to be lost in the cyberwaves, so I’m giving them a proper page, at least for now.

To me, seeing these images rekindles passion — hopefully just not mine, but to all the artists who submitted their works, and to everyone else who finds black & white photography timeless.

I carefully chose the following forty-seven (47) images that represent emotions, solitude, and grit that MONØMANIA hopes to instill to our dearest readers and supporters. Enjoy!

Photo credits, in order of appearance:

Jean Paul Castillo, Brian Lanuza, Jerold Vizconde, Clifford Calupe, Kevin Villarubia, Daniele Martire, Sakurako Nagaiwa, David Gan, Ryan Eduard Benaid, Nicole Revita, Resto Ajie, Emmanuel Paet, Jan Dave Gaspar, Joan Pabona, Fábio Miguel Roque, Mel Aguilar-Maestro, Ronan Daganzo, Peter Janda, Randell Tiongco, Marlon Malabuyoc, Mishiwa Gallardo, Bayu Wira Handyan, Abyanandi Zaintama, Mambo Ferido, Shauang Bote, Darwin Villanueva, Joan Lumbo, Rani Regalado, Jose Paulo Flores, Pauline Angela Morales, Noel Tanjeco, Okky Pradipta, Aljohn Ramirez, Raymond Angelo Santos, Delio Tolosa, Tao Ho, Trixy Gosadan, Michael Loyola, Magsy Magbanua, Kallen Cruz, Jeska Barayuga, Chi-Leung, Kiel Jacinto, Eric Bico, Fahmi Alfian, Raymond Sarinas, Joreli Mae Apellanes, Zedrick Simeon, Karren Barcita, Neil Kenneth Sael

I want to say thank you once again to all those who submitted their works all the way from The Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Portugal, and the US.

Here’s to hoping that MONØMANIA can reach more black & white lovers to more countries and that I, as its editor/curator, can begin publishing more stuff online and offline in the near future!

Right now, it’s still hard to balance study-work-love-family-etc., and I still cannot afford to publish actual photo zines yet, but as along as I find meaning through black & white photography, I will continue MONØMANIA through different ways, and I hope that you’ll stick around.

Last, but not the least —

MONØMANIA is looking for new content. Read our Contact Page to know how you can submit, contribute, donate, support, and inquire anything about black & white!


For the Love of Black & White

Erin Cross 絵凛 クロス

Written by

A photo-based artist focusing on black & white. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


For the Love of Black & White

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