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What shower do you take in the morning? Is it different from the shower you take after exercise or in the evening? The same as a weather change affects our body, shower changes the weather of our body and our mood.

I used to love a hot shower, but ever since I got into a routine of cold shower in the morning I cannot skip my routine of the cold blast before I grab my towel!

Let’s look at the effects of the cold shower:

  • increasing circulation of blood
  • waking you up (oxygen intake, heart rate, alertness)
  • calming itchy skin and removes acne
  • reducing muscle soreness post-workout
  • potentially boosting weight loss
  • glowing hair and skin
  • increases the amount of white blood cells which increases metabolic rate and stimulates the immune system.
  • helps to lock the moisture in the hair, tightening hair follicles and reduce hair loss.

X be careful taking a cold shower if you have a weak heart/. It will increase your blood pressure and can cause dizziness and fainting.

X decreases the testosterone level.

Hot shower as therapy as effective as a cold shower.

  • relax muscles and nerves leading to relaxation of the whole body. You can rub relaxation oil and herbs on the body before stepping into the shower, this will help to relieve any muscle pain and help the body to release harmful toxins.
  • loosening chest congestion by breathing in steam.
  • cleating stuffy nasal passages

X do not wash your hair with hot water, it can burn the sensitive skin, cause pain and redness as well as dry out your hair and scalp. The best way to wash your hair is to use warm water and rinse it with cooler water.

Hot — cold shower:

Heating up the body with hot water allows blood to flow freely to the extremities while cooling down with cold water brings blood towards internal organs for protection. When alternating between the two blood is moving faster in the entire body.


I prefer to take a warm shower in the morning finishing it with a cold blast to waken up my body by boosting the blood flow. After I exercise I like to give my body a therapy of hot and cold to allow body to heal and to absorb oxygen from the blood in every part of my body. In the evening I take a hot/warm shower to calm down, relax before bed, and to give my muscles massage for a proper rest.

I can say I got addicted to cold showers, at some point, it became very exciting for me and pleasurable. I used to turn cold water for a few seconds and now I cannot stop myself. So fresh and so awakening!

Try it out yourself before judging!

One of my trainers once said: Before saying that you don't like something, try it out for 60 days and then make a decision!



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