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Anna: My first month at Token

I joined Token as Head of Marketing on June 8th — 7.5 weeks ago to be precise. It’s been an amazing experience — I’ve loved every minute — most of all seeing how engaged our community is. I’ve only ever seen this level of passion in Gaming: this is a very good sign!

The team at Token has big plans — I’m here to help deliver them and ensure we do our job to inform, educate and excite. Here’s what I’ve been up to and how I see things progressing.

Crafting a comprehensive plan

Great marketing plans share a common trait — they all have a golden thread that runs through them which uses different channels to deliver a single, powerful message. They connect the right audience with the product — and show them why they should fall in love with it. They also put community at their centre, knowing that a product without evangelists has a limited future. Having spent the first few weeks at Token immersing myself in the team and the product roadmap I’m focused on crafting a comprehensive marketing plan that will educate and excite the world about the benefits and magic of the Token platform. This will take time to do well — there are multiple channels to think about and building blocks to create, revamping our brand, our messaging, and all the nuts and bolts that go into supporting the delivery of a product for users to fall in love with. This doesn’t happen overnight, it requires patience — and an eye on the long term goals.

Starting with the vision

What can you expect to see and hear from the marketing team in the short term? We’ve been working at the core elements of the brand — articulating our company vision, mission and values, and developing an evolved brand identity to match. This will help us work together as a team towards a shared vision — and inform people who join Token where we’re aiming to get to. Mel, David and I are working on this with a great designer — and we’ll be able to show you the results soon. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Community at the heart of Token

Community is at the heart of what we do at Token — and this will become more and more evident as we release TokenCard, TokenWallet (and more!) as well as grow our user base. Our short-term focus is on getting these products out to you in beta as quickly as possible so we can gather and understand your feedback to build a suite of world class products that meet your needs. It’s not technology for technology’s sake — we’re building for the human being at the end of it. This helps inform my marketing plans — I’m really grateful for your feedback to date; responses to the community survey and activity on our social channels help me understand your needs, pain-points and desires — all of which feed into marketing initiatives and ultimately the end product. Dan Q and I have many plans for our community efforts and how we can build on our relations with you. You’ll be the first to know as these take shape.

All marketing — no product: the wrong approach for long term success

A big criticism people often make of our space is that crypto companies are all marketing and no product. The arguments continue that these companies hype for hypes’ sake, sacrificing long-term gain for speculation — rather than delivering a products that genuinely solves problems and improve people’s lives. I think people are smarter than this and they see through the hot air. That is why you haven’t — and won’t — see major marketing campaigns from Token in the short term. We want you to love us, not like us — and this comes when marketing and product dance hand-in-hand.. We want you to trust us, which will come from us delivering on our promises. I’m committed to ensuring that we don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our focus is on getting the product into the community, working with you and institutions such as the FCA to make Token truly groundbreaking and useful. Once this is done we will be shouting from the rooftops and deservedly so.

I’m really excited to be starting out with you and Token, and will be sharing more of my thoughts as we go on this journey together. I’m always keen to hear from you — I’ll do my best to answer your questions and respond to your feedback so please contact me via any of our channels.



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